Choose Your Grind

A green mosaic chameleon over whole coffee beans in the hopper of a coffee grinder.

Choose Your Grind

Which grind is the right grind? It depends on the method you’re using to brew your coffee. Pick your grind using the guide below and you’ll end up with a great cup of coffee, whatever method you choose.**

Aeropress and Moka Pots

Finely ground is your best bet for these two methods. The coarseness of the grind should be similar to castor or super fine sugar.

Automatic Drip Machines:

There are two main types of Automatic Drip Machines, ones fitted with a Cone Filter and ones fitted with a Flat Bottom Filter. The shape of the filter affects the way your machine brews coffee, which means we need to find the correct grind to get the most out of your machine. So first things first: Check your filter! Once you’ve determined its shape you can grind your beans accordingly. 

  • For machines fitted with a Cone Filter, grind beans to a medium-fine coarseness, similar in size to granulated sugar.
  • For machines fitted with a Flat Bottom Filter, grind beans to a medium coarseness, it's closest to dark brown sugar.

Pour Overs:

Medium coarseness is the best grind for Pour-Overs. In terms of coarseness, it's closest to dark brown sugar.


Medium-Coarse is your go to for Chemex. Its closest to raw sugar in coarseness.

French Press:

Coarsely ground is the best option for French Press. Think of sanding sugar or rock salt.

**Not happy with the final brew? Try adjusting the grind size. If you find your coffee is too light or too acidic, try grinding your beans finer. If its too dark or bitter, switch to a coarser grind.

Brewin' Alright?
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