What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee?

What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee?


The Beans

Always use the highest quality beans you can find! Chameleon’s organic beans are sourced and grown sustainably to eliminate the need for chemical pesticides. 

The Water

Coffee is a two-ingredient drink. So not surprisingly water quality plays a huge role in the final flavor.  If you wouldn’t drink it from a glass, you probably shouldn’t use it to brew your coffee. Always use clean, filtered water for the best tasting cup.

The Ratio

Want to achieve perfection? For every cup you plan to make, use this no-fail ratio: 2 tbsp coffee for every 6 fl oz of filtered water.

The Grind

Be sure to pick the right grind for your preferred brewing method. Learn more about the right grind size to use here.



    Brewin' Alright?
    Fill your cup with carefully crafted, organic coffee. Our whole bean and ground coffee comes in a range of roasts. Pick a bean and a brew type and curate your cup anyway you please.